3 Reasons Why Mailerlite Is Underrated

3 Reasons Why Mailerlite Is Underrated 1

I use MailerLite to send this email to you. That’s what they do. Because here’s the awkward thing. To be a foundational technology of the Internet…email is hard and super-technical to do yourself. 

I’m a big believer in civic business support, so I was a bit sad when Atlanta’s MailChimp was bought by Intuit (though congrats to Ben Chestnut!). When that happened, I went in search of a new email marketing provider…and landed on MailerLite.

Useful Free Plan

Most free plans are a bit of a trap. Not MailerLite’s. It’s so useful with so much functionality. It’s even better than MailChimp’s free plan back in the day. There’s no risk and no timeline (useful since it’s harder to “try” email marketing within a trial period.

Sane Pricing Plans for Solid Features

MailerLite has a solid set of email features for a fair price that increases based on the number of emails you send and your number of subscribers. Ok, that summary seems super-basic. But not in the world of email marketing. Most email marketing plans are a total maze of if/then, exceptions, limits, and catch-alls. Simply having good features at a good price is seriously underrated.  

Simple, Direct Interface

MailerLite is not trying to be something they are not. They do email. That’s it. And it’s reflected in their user interface. I love that it’s simple, and to the point.

Now, MailerLite has tradeoffs like any other company. But they make so much sense for so many small email senders. I’m glad they exist. Now, I have a referral fee deal with MailerLite to help defray the costs of this website at no cost to you. They didn’t pay for this post, but they do pay me if they know I sent you.

If you are thinking about starting an email list for your audience, click this link to explore their current plans. There’s no risk to signing up for a free plan just to see if you dig it.

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