Some blogging myths

Julia Evans has an excellent post on blogging myths.

A few years ago I gave a short talk about myths that discourage people from blogging. I was chatting with a friend about blogging the other day and it made me want to write up that talk as a blog post.

Here are the myths:

  • myth: you need to be original (just explain it your way – there are still millions of confusing topics that can be re-explained in a new way)
  • myth: you need to be an expert (you just need to know 1-2 interesting things that the reader doesn’t)
  • myth: posts need to be 100% correct (add qualifiers and commit to revisions!)
  • myth: writing boring posts is bad (boring is in the eye of the beholder)
  • myth: you need to explain every concept (the Internet is a big place – and that’s what links are for!)
  • myth: page views matter (one seriously interested reader is better than 1000s of bots and scans)
  • myth: more material is always better (this is a trend that Google incentivized and we should all push back on)
  • myth: everyone should blog (it’s pretty weird, especially in 2024; it’s a hobby that’s fun & useful for some people, not for others.)
Source: Some blogging myths

Read the whole thing.

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