6 Notes about Doux South Pickled Vegetables

6 Notes about Doux South Pickled Vegetables 1

Pickling vegetables has been an age-old tradition in the American South. But it’s slowly dying in home cooking due to lack of time, practice, need, and interest.

And honestly, pickled vegetables are a learned taste. You gotta eat a lot of it before you really learn to love it (like coffee!). Also, most pickled vegetables are awful, so they are sort of in this doom loop where most people never get to eat good pickled vegetables…so they never learn to love them…so the just sort of die out.

So I was really excited to try Doux South’s pickled vegetables on a bit of a lark a few weeks ago. Here are 6 reasons to give them a try!

Pickled Vegetables That Are Actually Good

6 Notes about Doux South Pickled Vegetables 2

It’s a hard sell. But seriously, they are good. These aren’t those grocery store mass-market pickled vegetables. These are all actually good. The flavor is balanced. They aren’t too sweet or savory. They pair with everything.

Doux South Is Preserving Food Traditions

The fact that these exist is worth supporting. The American South has incredible food ways. I’d argue that we have the most interesting culinary traditions in the United States. And it’s worth preserving (pun absolutely intended!). And with food, it’s an eat it or lose it kind of deal. Grandma & entrepreneurs aren’t going to keep making these recipes if people aren’t at least trying them.

The Vegetables Are Great By Themselves or as a Topping

What’s great about pickled vegetables is that they are good on their own, but often even better as a topping or pairing. I mean, they are basically made for hotdogs and hot sauce. But they also make all the normally bland steamed / raw vegetables better.

Better Gut Health In a World of Ultra Processed Food

We are all eating way to much ultra-processed food. And it’s killing our gut…and everything else. And you know what solves issues created by ultra-processed food? Pickling, fermenting, etc – anything that gets lovely enzymes and bacteria growing in our gut. Eat some pickled onion – your brain will thank you for it.

Doux South Is Small Business from Atlanta

I’m biased here. But if you run a small business in Atlanta, you should crush it.

Selling Pickled Vegetables Is a Brave Business To Go For

I’ve never met the founders of Doux South. But here’s the thing. Most business schools or entrepreneurs will tell you to go where there’s growth. Build an AI-B2B-Energy-Innovation-Content-whatever-CRM-thing. That’s sexy and obvious.

You know what takes some real entrepreneurial guts (pun intended!) – tomatoes and onions.

I’m keeping & eating some pickled vegetables in our refrigerator in 2024. Go track down some yourself!

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