Plays Well with Others by Eric Barker


Plays Well with Others is a book that explores the universality of love and how it can be affected by people’s behavior and actions. The author, Eric Barker, presents a series of biographical stories and research studies to invite the reader to see friendship and marriage from different perspectives. The book emphasizes the key roles of friendship, community, and love in people’s happiness levels.

The book is divided into several chapters, each tackling a different aspect of human behavior.

  • Chapter 1 reveals one of the greatest challenges people face when they try to analyze others.
  • Chapter 2 focuses on the high level of inaccuracy regarding our ability to read others by deciphering nonverbal communication.
  • Chapter 6 tackles the topic of friendship and its role in our lives.
  • Chapter 7 elaborates on the concept of closeness in connection to friendship.
  • Chapter 9 presents a good litmus test for determining if a person is a narcissist.
  • Chapter 10 identifies the character traits of great friends.

Overall, Plays Well with Others is a guide for improving the quality of our lives through an understanding of human behavior. It is a must-read for partners in romantic relationships, married couples, and anybody who wants to understand themselves and others better.

What I Liked

Very readable – the author is an incredible writer. The book is concise, evidence-backed, engaging, with plenty of memorable anecdotes.

What I Did Not Like

Nothing! A++ book.

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