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Mexico by DK Book Review

I love these series of books by DK Publishing. They go under the brand of Eyewitness Travel and have been around for quite a while. But recently, they’ve been revamped and upgraded.

I picked up this copy at my library, but it’s also cheap on Amazon. To get a truly quick introduction to any topic, I don’t think there’s a better approach than children’s books and these DK books.

Unlike “adult” books, they don’t drone on, they don’t assume any knowledge, and they are in a skimmable format.

I’ve been curious about Mexico for quite a while and just finished reading Paul Theroux’s On The Plain Of Snakes: A Mexican Journey. It’s such a huge, diverse country that I had a hard time fitting the regions, placenames, and chronological history all together.

That’s where this book comes in. Unlike Internet sources, it’s all neatly organized and structured with lots of images, maps, and focus boxes. Great for browsing and easy to flip through.

I’m not sure I’d use it to plan an actual trip, but it makes for a good primer to Mexico.

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