The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz is a book about the power of positive thinking and self-belief. It focuses on how to think big and cultivate success in life, regardless of intelligence or uniqueness.

The book contains the secrets to getting the most out of your job, marriage, and family life. It illustrates how you don’t need to be incredibly intelligent or unique to have the success you want, you simply need to think in a way that cultivates success.

The main themes of the book are positive thinking and self-belief. David Schwartz emphasizes the importance of thinking big and believing in yourself.

He states that it’s important to think positive, dream big and work hard, and when these elements converge, it becomes easier to attain success. He also encourages readers to focus on their assets and use words that promise victory, hope, happiness, and pleasure.

The book also contains advice on how to stay big when tempted to use the small approach. It encourages readers to focus on big objectives and avoid getting involved in petty matters. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influences and taking the initiative to build relationships.

What I Liked

This book is hilariously awesome. It’s peak 1950s-pragmatic-generous-American-Rotary-Club-rich-uncle wisdom. It’s a bit tedious in parts (see Not Like section), but the advice is right on and useful.

The whole book is summed up by the cliche “if you shoot for moon an fail, you’ll still be among the stars” – but there are plenty of anecdotes and chapters to fill it out. It’s not too fluffy compared to other business books.

What I Did Not Like

I mean, the author is peak 1950s rich American white guy…so you’ll have to skip around the large dollops of benevolent sexism in many examples.

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