What I’ve Written & Done Elsewhere

I put most of my personal thoughts and experiences on this website. However, I’ve also written plenty & created projects elsewhere on the Internet. If you’re curious, here’s what I’d recommend.

Other Personal Projects

I do a lot of side projects. Many are embarrassing, some are promising, occasionally one is successful – but are incredible learning experiences. Here are the ones that I still own & sort of pay attention to.

Fix The College

Fix The College – a small political project where I try to explain the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

The campaign is a personal project and is not sponsored by any political group. I’m simply an involved citizen trying to put my skills to work to improve my country.

If you are looking for National Popular Vote contacts, you can get in touch with them here.

…others might be added here soon.

If you’re intrigued by all these projects, you might find the list of all the things I’ve ever done in my career interesting as well.

Other Work Projects

For work, I run Shivar Consulting (currently incorporated as ShivarWeb LLC) where I provide marketing consulting to a few clients, but spend the bulk of my time as a “digital property developer” – buying & refurbishing websites & apps to either operate myself or sell to investors.

Websites Under Development

Right now, I have 8 content-focused websites under development. Details are spared until they grow a bit larger.

ShivarWeb (sold!)

ShivarWeb is a marketing education website where I help(ed) DIYers and freelancers do marketing with better tools, tactics and strategy. It started as my old web design business and transitioned into a general information website supported by advertising partners. I sold it in August 2021 and am no longer associated with it. I still highly recommend it because I sold it to a buyer who knew how to run it better than I could.

Experiments & Tutorials (might be updated per new owner)

Product Reviews (might be updated per new owner)

Resources (might be updated per new owner)

Other Marketing Contributions

Bamboo Chalupa (on pause)

Bamboo Chalupa is a marketing podcast that I do with Brett Snyder of Knucklepuck Media. I love the podcast format, but have never been able to do it really well until (hopefully) now. It’s the marketing podcast that I wished existed when I was breaking into the industry. Here’s my favorite episodes –

  • Managing Marketing Projects – How We Use Trello & Project Management Tools
  • Using Google Search Console Effectively Part 1 – Technical SEO
  • Using Google Search Console Effectively Part 2 – On-Page SEO
  • Building Better Content for SEO Part 1 – Planning