Hell Yeah or No by Derek Sivers

Hell Yeah or No by Derek Sivers

Hell Yeah or No by Derek Sivers is a collection of thoughts around what’s worth doing, fixing faulty thinking, and making things happen.

The book is based on the “hell yeah or no” rule which suggests that if you feel anything less than enthusiastic about something, it’s best to say no. This allows you to focus your energy on the few things that matter most.

The book is divided into three main themes: What’s Worth Doing, Fixing Faulty Thinking, and Making Things Happen. In the first section, Sivers encourages readers to be proud to be slow thinkers and to take their time in making decisions.

He also emphasizes the importance of setting goals that shape the present, rather than the future. The second section focuses on how to fix faulty thinking, such as assuming you’re below average and relaxing for the same result.

The third section provides advice on how to make things happen, such as being aware of what’s obvious to you and others, and having the courage to pursue what you really want.

Throughout the book, Sivers shares stories from his own life and the lives of others to illustrate his points. He also provides practical advice on how to apply the “hell yeah or no” rule to everyday life.

What I Liked

I loved everything about this book. I have a separate, private list of all the lessons and takeaways. The author has a rare ability to turn questions around and come up with creative life habits. Go check out his website for free lists from the book.

What I Did Not Like


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