Art For Dummies by Thomas Hoving

Art For Dummies

Art For Dummies is a comprehensive guide to the art world, written by the former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, Thomas Hoving.

The book provides an introduction to art appreciation, guiding readers through the details that they may have noticed but never been able to explain.

Hoving takes readers on a ride through art history, starting with the Lascaux Caves and going through the ages up to the modern period. He gives examples of each period and area of interest, discussing what the pieces were made of and what they look like.

The book also discusses the idea of building up your ‘eye’ for art and becoming a connoisseur. It provides plenty of samples and pieces, making it easy for readers to delve into the art world. Hoving defines the topic of art and discusses how confusing it can be since it is so subjective.

He talks about spotting fakes and replicas over originals and makes bullet point lists about everything, making it easy to take in.

What I Liked

Good reference book

What I Did Not Like

Nothing – it’s a straightforward introduction.

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