Tea: The Drink That Changed The World by Laura Martin

Tea History

Tea: The Drink That Changed The World is a fascinating history of tea and its spread throughout the world. The book covers the legends of how tea came about, starting with Sheng Nong, and moves on to the Chinese tea plantations, Japan, India, and beyond.

It also explores the European obsession with tea and America’s modern uses for it. The book delves into the human cost of our obsession with tea, including the terrible working conditions under which much of it is grown.

The book is divided into ten chapters, covering topics such as the history of tea in ancient China and Korea, the Japanese tea ceremony, and the British in India, China, and Ceylon. The book also includes several appendices about where tea is grown and the different types of tea and herbal teas.

Overall, Tea: The Drink That Changed The World is an excellent introduction to tea and its history. It provides a balanced view of tea in both the East and West and offers a good starting point for those interested in going deeper into tea history.

What I Liked

I love these types of books (how [X] changed the world). I’ve read Salt, Cotton, Coffee, etc – and this one delivers.

What I Did Not Like

Nothing – great read.

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