Sailing The Wine Dark Sea by Thomas Cahill

Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea

Sailing The Wine Dark Sea is the fourth volume of Thomas Cahill’s Hinges of History series. The book explores the legacy of ancient Greece, examining the structure of Greek society and ideas as well as the reasons why it has permeated so much of what we know of Western culture.

Cahill takes readers on a fascinating tour of ancient Greece, from the origins of Greek culture to the birth of Western literature, poetry, drama, philosophy, art, and architecture.

The book highlights the achievements of the Greeks, particularly in art and philosophy, which are widely celebrated. However, Cahill also points out the less appealing bequests of the Greeks, such as Western militarism and the exclusion of women from the political sphere.

The main themes of the book include the influence of Greek society on the Western world, the intellectual tools provided by the Greeks, and the consequences of their exclusion of women from the political sphere.

What I Liked

Cahill’s books are always well-written and interesting. I like how he covers topics where most Americans know the broad contours from school, but where he can go much more in depth.

What I Did Not Like

He’s not a professional historian, so he seems to take some facts a bit too far. But otherwise, the book is very engaging.

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