Global Capitalism by Jeffrey Frieden

Global Capitalism- Its Fall and Rise in the Twentieth Century

Global Capitalism by Jeffrey Frieden is a comprehensive history of the global economy during the twentieth century. The book explores the rise and fall of world capitalism, from the globalization of the early twentieth century to its swift collapse during the crises of 1914-45, and the subsequent return to global integration at the end of the century. Frieden adopts the perspective of regional and national economic development over time relative to the larger economic process of globalization.

The main themes of the book include winners and losers, risk and uncertainty, integration, economic growth, and technological change. Frieden provides a detailed account of the key economic and political events that shaped the global economy during the last century. He also highlights the distinctive concept of global capitalism, which takes its departure from the idea of a global economy dominated by globalizing corporations and those who own and control them, and those in influential positions who serve their interests.

What I Liked

Brilliant book at putting the massive economic change of the last 80 years in context.

What I Did Not Like

It gets a bit academic at points. You’d really need to have a good bit of background to make sense of his arguments.

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