Ultimatum by Matthew Glass


Ultimatum is a political thriller set 24 years into the future, during the presidency of Joe Benton. The novel explores the most pressing issue of the twenty-first century – the future of our planet and the effects that climate change will have on our lives and those of our children. The book highlights some key issues that Americans and the global community will eventually have to face, including the breaking off of the ice shelf in Antarctica.

The story is a brilliant character study of a U.S. president and his key staff, and an impressively convincing portrayal of the inner workings of the U.S. administration. With tension escalating on almost every page and an astonishing and terrifying ending, Matt Glass’s visionary and deeply unsettling thriller steers us into the dark heart of political intrigue and a future that is all too believable.

What I Liked

Page-turning novel. Great read…also possibly too realistic?

What I Did Not Like

Nothing – great read.

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