Lost On Planet China by Maarten Troost

Lost on Planet China

Lost on Planet China is a travelogue written by J. Maarten Troost, detailing his adventures in China. The book is a humorous and insightful account of his travels through the country, which he describes as complex and fascinating. Troost’s writing style is witty and engaging, making the book an entertaining read.

The book covers a range of topics, including Chinese culture, history, and cuisine. Troost also touches on political issues, such as the Chinese government’s treatment of Tibet. However, the focus of the book is on Troost’s experiences traveling through China, rather than on politics.

What I Liked

I really like Troost’s work. He does a good job sharing funny anecdotes while also providing context and background so the stories don’t come across as insulting or insensitive.

What I Did Not Like

This book is Troost’s weakest book, mainly because it’s the only one where he’s traveling rather than living in the country. It’s funny, but I’d read the others.

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