Postwar by Tony Judt

Postwar- A History of Europe Since 1945

Postwar is a non-fiction book written by British historian and scholar Tony Judt, which covers six decades of European history from the end of World War II in 1945 up to 2005.

The book offers a sweeping narrative of Europe from the fall of Berlin to the present, drawing on research in six languages to sweep readers through thirty-four nations and sixty years of political and cultural change-all in one integrated, enthralling narrative.

Throughout his monumental work, Judt emphasizes the themes of collective amnesia, remembering, and putting aside and demonstrates that the important civic task of the historian is to make sense of the past for the general public.

He also focuses on the idea that the whole of the history of this period can be explained as an unravelling of the consequences of World War II.

What I Liked

I like how he ties so much of this history to today. Fascinating book about an overlooked part of European history. I like how he avoids the dichotomy of the Iron Curtain and views Europe as a whole. Excellent book to truly understand what is going on over there. And what’s up with Germany.

What I Did Not Like

It’s a bit long, but otherwise nothing at all. Works well as an audiobook.

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