New Mind of The South by Tracey Thompson

New Mind of The South by Tracey Thompson

The New Mind of the South by Tracy Thompson is a book that explores the evolution of the American South, challenging stereotypes and outdated beliefs.

Thompson uses a blend of reportage, travelogue, and memoir to provide a clear-eyed look at the region’s history, politics, and culture. She argues that the South is not a monolithic entity but a diverse and ever-changing place.

Thompson examines the South’s multi-ethnic and individualistic identity, emerging from the still-powerful matrix of black-white race relations, religion, and one-party politics. She also discusses the newer New South of demographic diversity, which is needed to carry students of the region beyond the familiar labels of Bible Belt and Sun Belt.

The author wrote this book out of an intuition that much of what she prizes about her home ground is imperiled. She believes that tradition in the South is like beachfront property in an era of global warming, as much as you love the view, you live with the knowledge that some morning you will wake up and find it gone.

What I Liked

I like how she framed the traditions & culture of the South. Interesting read.

What I Did Not Like

Only a few small quibbles. Good book.

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