The Family Virtues Guide by Linda Popov

Family Virtues Guide

The Family Virtues Guide is a valuable resource for parents and teachers who want to instill basic virtues in their children. The book draws from the world’s religions to present 52 virtues, one for each week of the year, that nurture togetherness in family life. The book provides simple strategies for explaining what a virtue is, how to practice it, and signs of success.

The book covers five main themes: learning the language of integrity and self-esteem, understanding the five roles parents play, discovering ways to introduce sacred time into family life, helping children make moral choices, and raising children to live meaningful lives and develop the virtues of their character.

What I Liked

This book is a really amazing book for talking about values, behavior, etc with kids. It has great prompts, examples, and scenarios. It’s also religion-agnostic, so anyone of any faith or denomination can use it. Solid parenting resource.

What I Did Not Like

The book gets a little fluffy at times. Parents will definitely have to edit the presentation for their own kids or else you may get some eye rolls.

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