New York City Avenue

New York City Avenue

I did a short 3 day trip to New York City for a business conference. Between sessions, meetings and flight times, I did not have any time to visit any attractions or get too far away from Times Square.

But that’s okay!

One of my favorite things to do in New York City is simply walk around. It’s a city like no other in America. Even compared to other dense cities like Boston, Chicago or San Francisco, New York City operates on a different level.

However, I took this photo to remember that even within New York, and even within Manhattan, the city has a different feel within even a few blocks.

Times Square is overwhelming for anyone. But if you think that is how the city is everywhere, then you are missing out. This picture is 3 blocks west of Times Square. It’s busy but totally different than even 5th Avenue. It’s dense, but not as daunting.

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