Photos From The Rural Georgia Countryside

Abandoned Rural Farmhouse

I’m not a photographer, but I love to experiment. And I’m thrilled to live in an age of nearly fool-proof camera technology, and amazing apps like Pixlr, PicMonkey, Picasa, and Instagram.

These are photos taken of rural Georgia in Oglethorpe County.

A Hay Bale In Georgia
Hay Bale Resting

There are 8 more…

A Barn And A Hay Bale
Barn And Hay Bale
A Barn With An Oak On A Georgia Farm
Trying To Channel Faulkner and O’Connor
A Tree And Farm Tools
Rusting Farm Tools
A Field With Dandelions
A Field In Rural Georgia With An Oak
Oak Overlooking A Field
A Sun Shining Past An Oak
Sun Setting Over North Georgia
A Beagle On The Farm
Beagle Pauses For Water
A Beagle Close Up
Photos From The Rural Georgia Countryside 1
Photos From The Rural Georgia Countryside 2

Let me know any way I can improve in the comments – and/or if you want the large version of a photo for a background, etc.

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