3 Notes on the Chicago Japanese Gardens

3 Notes on the Chicago Japanese Gardens 1

For families (or anyone) visiting Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry is far and away the biggest, best, most unique museum in Chicago.

But one of the welcome surprises is that it backs up to Jackson Park, which has an island with one of the best Japanese Gardens that I’ve been able to visit.

It’s tranquil, well-maintained, and absolutely worth the visit.

The garden Is Right Behind The MSI

3 Notes on the Chicago Japanese Gardens 2
View of the Museum of Science & Industry from the Japanese Gardens

It’s a short walk behind the Museum, and actually leads you closer to a bus stop headed back north. It’s a great way to get outside after spending a day inside.

The Garden Has a Story of forgiveness

The Garden was built by the government of Japan for the World’s Fair in the 19th Century. But it was burned down by a mob after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

But then, an American of Japanese heritage adopted it and rebuilt it according to Japanese traditions. And after the War, the Garden was a place of peace and unity. It’s small but powerful place.

There’s Something About Japanese gardens That are uniquely Peaceful

Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens has a very small, but well done Japanese garden. I’m sure an expert (or Google) could explain that certain intangible something that makes Japanese gardens so unique and tranquil. But whatever it is, it’s always worth checking out. There are quite a few around the US – and every single one is highly underrated. And worth checking out.

Also – it’s free :)

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