3 Reasons Why Broadcast Television Is Underrated

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Tired of your streaming service raising prices? Well, broadcast television is still around. And honestly, it’s a bit better than ever. And it’s totally underrated.

It’s Free – Seriously

I was born in in the ’80s, so I always thought broadcast television went away when cable showed up. It didn’t. It’s still broadcast television. All you need is an antenna. And you can get a quality, small, indoor antenna for like $20. That’s it. $20…one time and you can get all the TV that’s broadcast over the air.

It’s Digital With Tons of Selection

And broadcast television is better than ever. In 2009, they all upgraded to digital signals, which allows more channels on a single frequency. All the main broadcast channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, and UPN) have 4 to 5 subchannels specializing in a specific type of content. PBS has a PBS Kids channel. CBS has an only ‘90s shows subchannel. There’s way more on than you’d ever expect. Again, for free.

It Has Enough Content – also, It Always Works

You should probably be watching less TV, right? It’s passive, it’s a time-suck, and rarely considered deep, resting leisure. So why do you need access to a million shows on NetFlix/Hulu/Max/Whatever? You don’t! Broadcast television has enough sports on the weekend to be good. It has enough drama and comedy to be interesting. There’s even a weather channel for calm, mindless background TV. Also, it works even in a hurricane or power outage.
Look into getting a good indoor antenna (I use Mohu – but no affiliation).

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