3 Reasons Why State Parks Are Underrated

Sweetwater Creek State Park View 09 2018

I am only a few visits away from visiting every State Park in Georgia. It’s been one of the best projects I’ve ever done. And it’s not just Georgia! All US State Parks are completely underrated, especially compared to their world-famous cousins, the National Parks.

State Parks balance recreation with conservation.

State Parks usually go under a conservation mission rather than a preservation mission. Without going all bureaucratic jargon on you, it means that State Parks have more leeway to offer activities and facilities for visitors.

FDR State Park Pool

If you have kids who want to do stuff or just generally want to have a lovely place in nature to chill (with a bathroom nearby)…State Parks are where it’s at.

State Parks preserve incredible landscapes with a fraction of the crowds

State Parks don’t get a lot of love. Everyone knows about the Grand Canyon. Not many people know about Cloudland Canyon.

Cloudland Canyon State Park View 10 2018

And if you go to Cloudland Canyon, on any weekday or late Sunday afternoon…you can have it to yourself. It’s breathtaking, beautiful, and accessible. And you probably live within a 2 hour drive of somewhere just as amazing – no matter what State you live in.

State Parks have fascinating programs and facilities…without the commercial fees

If you love the idea of staying in a cabin and going stargazing…you’re looking for a State Park. Forget Airbnb or Vrbo or Hipcamp or whatever. Stay at a State Park and try their programs.

FDR State Park Cabin Interior 10 2017

As a citizen, you are an owner of it all. The rates are better. You are in the Park. And the Rangers are all true professionals. There’s no tips or cleaning fees or ridiculous ads and upsells. Just a simple fee and a clean place to stay and relax.

Find your nearest State Park and visit. Better yet, find one that’s 3 hours away and plan a weekend trip.

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