DK Eyewitness Alaska Book Review

DK Eyewitness Alaska Book Review 1

Like their book on Mexico, DK Eyewitness Alaska is a super-handy, concise, structured way to quickly get a sense of Alaska.

I got to take a trip to Alaska in the summer of 2022 to backpack Gates of The Arctic National Park. I flew into Fairbanks and rode a shuttle 8 hours north. The landscape was incredible…and massive.

I knew Alaska was huge, but actually driving through it put it in perspective. I also realized that I knew really nothing about even the basics of Alaska.

I picked this book up since this series is the absolute best way to get a structured, well-illustrated introduction to a place.

And now that I’ve been to a small part of Alaska, I can confirm that it’s just the right amount of info. I spent 2 days in Fairbanks and their section on Fairbanks was right on.

Definitely recommend – especially the new edition which has beautiful illustrations and full color photos throughout.

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