Ultralearning by Scott Young


Ultralearning is a book that teaches readers how to learn better and get better results from what they are trying to learn. The book outlines a strategy for acquiring skills and knowledge that is both self-directed and intense.

The main themes of the book include metalearning, focus, directness, drill, retrieval, feedback, retention, deeper knowledge, and experimentation. Applying these principles to your studies will help you learn skills better than you would at college.

The author, Scott Young, suggests that educational institutions are locked into their traditional approaches rather than on the lookout for faster, better, and cheaper ways to provide an educational experience. He argues that self-education is the driver of success for the future, and that being able to drive your own learning programs will be important in the years and decades ahead.

The book provides readers with a nine-step strategy for developing an Ultralearning approach, including meta-learning, focus, directness, drill, retrieval, feedback, retention, intuition, and experimentation. By following these steps, readers can learn new skills to accelerate their career, rethink their current studies, and spot weaknesses in what they’re doing now to learn, and make shifts towards the strategies that work before it’s too late.

Useful takeaways from the book include learning how to learn, reducing distractions, attacking your weakest point, testing your knowledge, and learning by doing. Overall, Ultralearning is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their learning abilities and achieve their goals more efficiently.

What I Liked

The book is concise, tactical, and very useful.

What I Did Not Like

Nothing – great read.

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