Tourist’s Guide To Running In Atlanta: The Best Routes To Run

Tourist Guide Running in Atlanta

Running is possibly the best way to see any city. It’s fast enough to cover a lot of ground, but also slow enough to really see and notice things. You are also combining sightseeing with exercise, so it’s an efficient use of time on a business trip.

Running through the Back Bay and North End was my favorite part of visiting Boston, and it’s been a travel habit ever since.

There is a problem of running in a city you’re visiting – you have no real idea of where to run. Usually hotels in large cities are in heavily-trafficked areas that aren’t very fun to run in.

And if you go too far off the beaten track, you might get into a neighborhood where you don’t want to be (crime-y & confusing) or at least a neighborhood that is not fun to run in (no sidewalks; cars flying everywhere).

I’ve been living and running all throughout Atlanta for more than 3 years. And have run in 3 marathons winding throughout Atlanta. If you are a tourist in Atlanta for fun or business, here are the best places to run in Atlanta.

Aside – most start/end in Downtown or Midtown. If you are in Buckhead or Perimeter Center, I’ll cover your options at the end. [Read more…]

7 Pros And Cons Of GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting

EDIT: Originally published in Feb 2012, I’ve updated this post in February 2016 to reflect the current state of GoDaddy hosting for a 2016 GoDaddy Hosting Review.

This is a product review. It’s biased – but mainly because I’m (EDIT: was) an actual customer of GoDaddy.

You’ve probably seen GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercials, GoDaddy girls all around the internet, and most recently their Helping Small Business commercials in 2014.

GoDaddy is certainly the market leader in domains – and trying to be in web hosting.

Are they just the right WordPress Hosting Tool to build a better blog?

I started out using them (because of the brand) but I’ve moved to HostGator. So.

Here’s 7 Pros and 7 Cons of using GoDaddy to host your WordPress blog[Read more…]

13 Things I’ve Learned About Georgia’s Capitol

Georgia State Capitol

from Instagram:

I live 3 miles from the Georgia State Capitol and work about 1/2 mile from it, so I see it pretty much everyday. This is also my first winter living and working so close to the Capitol, so I’ve been getting used dealing with the influx of staffers, Representatives and Senators to the Assembly (their annual session lasts from January to March).

Either way, I took this photo while out on a run. Although the Capitol building is relatively new (built in 1889), it still an interesting building with some cool factoids about it. Here’s what I’ve learned while running, walking, busing and driving by – [Read more…]

7 Pros and Cons of HostGator WordPress Web Hosting

HostGator Logo

Several months ago, I was really dissatisfied with my GoDaddy WordPress Hosting, and moved my website(s) to HostGator.

First off – I’m so happy I switched. I was definitely worth the transition.

But now that I’ve been using HostGator for several months (and setup several websites using WordPress) – I’ve got a full pros and cons list of using HostGator that would’ve been useful to know before signing up.

So let’s dive in. [Edit – this post originally ran in 2012. I’ve updated it as of November 2015]. [Read more…]


Jack O Lanterns

from Instagram:

Apparently carving vegetables has been a common practice throughout history. It’s pretty odd, but also lots of fun. Among all the American holiday traditions, it feels like it requires the most skill.

Christmas Trees require some planning, but usually look good no matter what happens to them. Same with Thanksgiving. Fireworks on the Fourth of July require professionals to do it right. And New Year’s is just chaos.

But Jack-o-Lanterns let everyone in the neighborhood show off some creativity (or their Pinterest-ing ability).

For me, it’s the cutting circles that kills the design.

How I Cut 1:57 Off My Average 5k Time By Tweaking My Playlist

iTunes BPM Selector

[Note: This post originally ran December 2012 back when iTunes was still a thing. You can skip down to the bottom to find the current best option for running based on BPM as of September 2015]

I’ve rarely run with music. In general, I always thought it was too much trouble – where to stash the iPod, cords getting tangled, getting tired of it and having to run with it for a while – but last week, I updated all my music to store the song’s Beats per Minute.

I ran to the playlist with the highest beats per minute…and shaved 1:57 off my average 5k time and nearly set a personal best…without even trying. Here’s how to set it up and use it on your runs… [Read more…]